on a meaningful journey


We could tell you that we are an innovative nearshoring company, focusing on software development. That we are a reliable partner, supporting our clients in reaching their goals and bringing their business forward. That we are situated in Cluj-Napoca. Or that we are a good employer, that values our employees and provides them with opportunities to grow and succeed.

But what sets Wayfare apart is our passionate team in a meaningful journey, working together towards a shared goal.

Wayfare is its people.


as envisioned from the very beginning,

continue to shape

who we are.

Everything that Wayfare has become today is the result of our collective team efforts, our dedication, the skills that each of us brought to the table and the trust put in us by our business partners.  

We cherish the memories we’ve shared, the lessons we’ve learned, and the results we’ve achieved. 

We value and believe in our journey together in achieving our goals!


We believe in

We are honest.

We aspire to have the wisdom and courage to always do what is right, regardless of the consequences. We value transparency, honesty and we are committed to always behaving fairly and ethically, showing consistency in words and actions, regardless of the situation.

We are engaged, resilient, and persistent. Even outside our comfort zone, we work tirelessly to overcome obstacles and keep our promises to ourselves and our partners. We bind ourselves to our partners’ goals and we strive to achieve them together.

We deliver exceptional customer experience.

We are innovative.

We define innovation as “a significant positive change”, an embraced solution that fixes a current or future problem. We explore every day how technology can be used to transform our creative ideas into valuable solutions for our customers and for ourselves.

We believe in the strength of our team. We leverage our diverse perspectives to find the best solutions for any challenge, focusing on our strengths to compensate for weaknesses. We encourage, respect, and care for each other.

We are one team.

Our perks and benefits

More than a job.

Our people are the heart of our company.

Everything we design and implement is done with the singular thought in the back of our minds, to show appreciation, respect, and care for every member of our community. 

Being one of WayfarePeople, in addition to building long-lasting friendships and unforgettable memories, comes with numerous perks and benefits, including: 


Enhance your professional growth with us! We are dedicated to supporting your career development through personalized individual development plans crafted closely with your manager. You will have access to a wide range of resources such as Bookster and Pluralsight, as well as attending internal and external soft-skills and technical trainings, conferences, and professional certifications.


We pride ourselves on having a community of great people who are united by shared beliefs, goals, and interests. We support each other, we learn together and we have fun together. 


We go to great lengths to show appreciation, respect, and care for each individual in our community and for their contribution. We offer yearly profit-sharing bonuses, referral bonuses, and gifts for various occasions to show our gratitude for being part of the team.


Enjoy 24 days of paid annual leave, a flexible work schedule, Regina Maria premium health subscription, medical insurance, and an expense account for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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“For me, Wayfare is a great place to be. People are very kind and respectful; even when they have a stressful day, they still make me smile. I’ve learned a lot of things from them, but what I like the most is that they push me to be my best version, even if sometimes it’s hard to get out of my comfort zone.”


“For me, Wayfare is the starting point of my career. Here, I learned a lot of interesting things over the years and was able to share my knowledge easily. Even though we had a small break, we are now back together and focus on taking the company to the next level.”

Tech Manager

“Wayfare is the place that allowed me to grow, both as a developer and on a personal level. During my journey here I met a lot of people, happy to share with me, their knowledge, as well as spend time together, cracking jokes and playing games, building friendships that still stand the test of time. It wasn’t always easy, but we supported each other through these adventures when we could and worked hard when work was due.”

Senior Developer

“It is the place where I feel supported to grow, to change and to learn. Over the years, however, my career has shifted and evolved, Wayfare has always had my back because it really is all about its people. Now, it’s my time to give the same love and support to everyone and help Wayfare grow into an even bigger family..”

EX Officer

“Wayfare is value, professionalism and fun. Working at Wayfare means being valued, becoming a professional and having fun. I am embraced by challenging projects, an amazing vibe, a warm atmosphere and awesome Wayfarers.”

Application Specialist

“Working at Wayfare taught me a lot of things. During these years I grew up a lot and learned small and big stuff from everyone around me. I personally think that teamwork is very important, but I didn’t know how important it is until I started working on an ongoing project, in which my team had to step up and train me. I learned and continue to learn how to communicate better, how to be patient and how to improve myself and my work. I made good friends here that surpassed the “colleague” label a long time ago”.


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